We know that as a business owner, managing your telecom billing and services is NOT a core business task.

If you only had a penny for every minute you’ve sat on hold with a provider … right?
Or the frustration of trying cut telecom costs only to spend more hours, manpower, and wages to figure out how.

With Niche Business Consulting, you gain our expert insight into the telecommunications industry, which can help you uncover savings, reduce costly errors and service complications/interruptions, but more importantly, we can help you get back to your business.

Niche Telecom Consulting Services

  • Reduce your stress by reviewing a competitive comparison of telecom services and vendors versus creating one
  • Assistance in determining the optimal cost allocations for:
    • Telephone and IT Equipment
    • Telephone and Internet services
    • New technologies to improve functionality, reduce costs, and consolidate management tools

Niche Telecom Auditing Services

  • Optimize the ROI on your telecom/IT costs
    • Save an average of 29.9% on Recurring Monthly Fees on your telecom bill.
  • Reduce overhead by outsourcing internal telecom research processes and audit functions.
  • During our telecom billing audit process, it is likely we will find and reconcile erroneous charges on your telecom invoice. Although actual credits vary, it is not unusual to receive credits totaling one month or more of actual telecom service costs.

Niche Telecom Procurement Services

  • Niche Business Consulting offers access to over 40 telecom and data providers, ready to assist.
  • We also offer connections to telephone hardware, and IT vendors.
  • We are your one-source telecommunications manager for all moves, adds, changes, and deletions to your telecom and data services.


Above all the services that we can provide for your company, Niche Business Consulting is a Non-Exclusive Provider, which we means we work to ensure you can trust that our recommendations are unbiased.