Do you know your company’s telecom/IT needs, but want help navigating the sea of choices?


Do you view telecom as an area to cut costs or increase productivity, but want assistance in matching service needs to the available carriers/vendors at your location(s)?


Whatever the case, we have access to numerous resources. With over a decade of industry experience, Niche Business Consulting can simplify the task of telecom service procurement by:

  • Streamlining research objectives
  • Conducting comparative analysis
  • Facilitating the negotiation of competitive services

Niche Business Consulting’s Procurement Services will help to ensure that your budget is spent on only those services that are the most effective in meeting your company’s communication demands.

Niche Business Consulting's Telecom Procurement Services offers:

  • Connections to key industry players: AT&T, Buckeye Telesystem, XO, Paetec, Time Warner, Level 3 and more.
  • Direct Carrier Engineer/Vendor support, pre- and post sale
  • Simple solutions such as Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) and DSL services to complex Voice and Data solutions including VoIP, DS3, Ethernet, SIP, IP PBX, Private Line, MPLS solutions, Cloud Services, Co-location services and more
  • Long haul fiber
  • Carrier qualification and research
  • Carrier comparison/competitive analysis
  • Carrier selection/procurement/order processing
  • Project management/implementation coordination/account management
  • Ongoing invoice reviews – including confirmation that all old invoices and disconnected services have been canceled!
  • Confirmation of contracted rates per new invoice
  • Ongoing order support and troubleshooting
  • Ongoing Q&A, recommendations and much more ...
  • Superior Customer Care

Benefits of Niche Business Consulting Telecom Procurement Services

  • One point-of-contact for all vendor qualification, pricing, and negotiations
    • Access to multiple carriers simplifies internal research & audit processes
    • Review of competitive analysis includes pricing and service information
    • Lessen the stress and burden by reviewing our competitive comparison versus creating one

  • Receive routine invoice reviews to ensure accuracy against proposed quote
    • Ensures miscellaneous and unauthorized fees are kept at bay and off your invoice
    • Reduces financial surprise after the fact

  • Non-Exclusive Solutions Provider means you’re not just a quota goal
    • Direct sales representatives are limited to the solutions of only one provider
    • With Niche Business Consulting, you receive an unbiased perspective of the pros and cons of each proposed solution sourced from a pool of multiple providers

  • Reduce the risk of costly errors, service complications, and compromising your network and quality of service
    • Comparing services that are similar in nature but not “apples to apples” can be misleading and tends to result in surprise costs after installation
    • Engaging an experienced consultant will provide you with valuable insight as well as foresight to a complicated industry, avoiding the “Yes, Sir. Yes, Ma’am” sales answers and sticking to the facts

  • Maximize productivity of critical business operations by minimizing time and resources dedicated to researching the numerous providers across multiple regions


If you want us to take some of the extra work off your plate, learn more about our Telecom Auditing and Telecom Consulting services