Our audit of your company’s telecom and network infrastructure begins with an inspection of current contracts and invoices. Once we compile a baseline of the services on your bill, then we can dig deeper to determine usage through trunk and bandwidth utilization reports as well as carrier customer service records. From there we conduct an in-depth Q&A with your team to discover what services you are actually using versus what you are being billed for.

It is not uncommon for our clients to realize savings of over 50% of their current telecom and internet expenses

Niche Business Consulting will provide you with:

  • Review and understanding of existing contract terms
  • Comprehensive invoice review
    • Verification of rate accuracy from contract to invoice
    • Confirmation of accurate billing of recent service or calling plan changes
  • Investigation of carrier customer service records
  • Review of trunk/bandwidth utilization reports
  • Justification of current telecom and internet services
  • Confirmation of all billable services, associated services addresses, and operating names
  • Right size active line inventory and bandwidth
  • Cross referencing of all associated data with customer’s intended use and promised pricing

Above all, Niche Business Consulting strives to report our findings to you in clearly understandable manner with the utmost transparency.

Following our audit, Niche Business Consulting can act as your advocate:

  • If errors are discovered, we work to correct services as well as reconcile and ensure delivery of credits and/or refunds.
  • Once billing is accurate, to avoid further mistake and headaches, Niche Business Consulting services can continue to provide you with bi-monthly invoice reviews.


Once we have a established a solid baseline, with our Telecom Consulting and Telecom Procurement Services we can compare your current telephone, internet, and data transportation services to what’s out there according to market rates, industry benchmarks, and best practices. Niche Business Consulting can then assist you in building a unique telecom and Internet service plan tailored to your specific business needs.