More Than Just Telephone and Internet

Due to the intense integration and detail required to project manage the many vendors in the telecommunication & data industry, we have realized a knack, or niche for facilitating the necessary connections to ensure successful transitions and productive business relationships.

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Niche Business Consulting works on your company’s behalf. We use our expertise to conduct your company’s due diligence in order to navigate the complicated maze of telecom solutions. Our organization and its partners will treat each project with the highest level of respect. Our communications will be clear, prompt and up-to-date. Furthermore, our team will make qualified and proven recommendations; our efforts will integrate seamlessly with your operations during and after implementation.


Niche Business Consulting affirms its commitment to you by having post implementation transition reviews with all parties impacted by any change that may occur as part of the recommended project. In addition, Niche performs invoice reviews. Invoices will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure all billing and contractual changes are carried out as agreed and slamming and other wasteful charges are caught and credited appropriately. Our level of involvement is at your discretion.