How many times has your “real work”, for example an ERP conversion, taken the back seat while you sat on hold with your service provider over a trouble ticket or billing error? Niche Business Consulting can . . .

Serve as your one Point-of-Contact for all moves, adds, changes, and deletions to service with our Procurement Services

  • No more waiting on hold or initiating following up.
  • No more verifying rates for new services are correct.
  • No more verifying disconnected services have stopped billing.
  • No more pulling out a spread sheet to find out who to call for which service.

Save you time on the research, review, comparison and follow up with our Consulting Services

  • Meet those critical deadlines … or finally have time to take a lunch?

Provide consistent service and billing reviews through our Auditing Services.

  • Uncover areas of savings
  • Optimize ROI
  • Determine cost allocations for:
    • Equipment & security upgrades
    • New technologies to improve functionality, reduce costs, consolidate management tools and improve end user interface.

Help with positive Executive perception

  • Better connections, faster speeds–less trouble for less money.
  • Our solutions have saved our clients thousands in critical configuration and project management errors.
  • We record and document all services so when the executives have questions, you have answers.